A new museum to honor the Town’s rich history was sited on the historic Town Green in Lebanon, Connecticut. The Museum houses historical exhibits that portray the Town’s storied inhabitants, visitors and events during the Revolutionary War period.  The 8,000 square-foot museum was conceptualized as a community of individual buildings connected by internal circulation, vernacular architectural forms and contemplative exterior spaces. Visitors enter the lobby through a simple volume recalling an antique Cape, and enter the galleries through a center chimney. The galleries are organized along a ramp which follows the natural contours of the site, terminating in a courtyard formed by the gable of one of the outbuildings designed on the site.  Interior building utilities such as power, data and HVAC are distributed to each gallery space through an articulated “spine” traversing the length of the building, providing a datum for individual galleries along one side, and windows (thought of as “lanterns” on this project) on the other side, overlooking the site, out buildings and artifacts displayed in the courtyard.

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Lebanon, CT