TLBA was commissioned by the State of Connecticut to design a 7,600 sf Laboratory Building addition to an existing 16,300 sf Mixed Use Building.  The building will provide state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for both the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Department of Consumer Protection.  DEEP Labs include air & water quality labs, waste management labs and the State radiation lab.  DCP space includes both mass & volume labs for the Division of Weights & Measures.

The high-tech nature of the technology within the spaces, juxtaposed against the earth science, which is at the core of much of the work, inspired the architecture of the building.  A highly detailed and efficient metal skin is separated from the original simple masonry structure by an articulated and stratified textured masonry wall.

An existing high-bay garage accommodates the State’s mobile laboratories and also was renovated to house DEEP’s water-related equipment, including boats and prep areas.  The south side of the building accommodates the docking of the radiation Division’s 52-foot long mobile laboratory, which when on site is a fully functioning laboratory, but can be detached and rapidly mobilized for off-site use.  Extensive site work was also constructed to accommodate a variety of mobile labs, field research equipment, heavy vehicles, forklifts and both full-time and seasonal staff.

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