TLBA was retained to design a new entry path and book drop for an historic library in Haddam, Connecticut.  The current stair and ramp to the entry, nestled between the original turn-of-the-century Beaux Arts structure and a mid-1990’s addition, were not architecturally appropriate and were constructed in a manner inconsistent with the highly detailed architecture.

The solution provides a safe, accessible entry path designed to enhance the overall composition, including both the site and building.  The design recognizes the importance of the original entry, and the realization that budget would not allow another grand gesture.  As such, the design becomes more of the site than of the building, allowing it to read as a garden entry.  The ramp winds its way gradually up to the entrance level, around garden walls and indigenous plantings.  Steps are cascaded from an entry plaza, where they converge with the ramp and provide access to the building entrance and after-hours book drop.

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Haddam, CT