The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center was completed as a fast-track project, using rolling-release construction documents to achieve a shell + core project delivery method.  The new facility combines new construction of approximately 16,000 square feet with extensive renovations which, in total, comprise approximately 36,000 square feet.  The addition accommodates a Cyclotron, Radiochemistry and QC Labs (both cGMP and GLP facilities) on the lower level, and three Imaging Suites, a Metabolite Lab, Scan Control Rooms on the 2nd floor.  The third level of the new facility is dedicated to mechanical space, housing air handling equipment, filter banks, exhaust fans, environmental monitoring equipment, as well as all VAV controls, separating HVAC maintenance areas from the research facilities.

Extensive renovations to approximately 20,000 square feet of adjoining area in the LMP and LLCI buildings are ongoing and include Cold Chemistry Labs, a NHP vivarium and support areas, Department Offices and a dedicated data center to support all PET programs at YSM.

This project was awarded the 2006 “Project Team Award” of Merit by the Connecticut Building Congress, Inc.

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