This collaborative effort between the YSM Dept. of Cell Biology and the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering of Yale University comprises an approx. 7,500 gsf renovation of the Sterling Hall of Medicine I-Wing Entry Level to accommodate individual laboratory suites and shared support facilities.  The renovations have been designed for suites for core electro-magnetic, confocal and x-ray crystallography microscopy labs.  TLBA conducted a programming/formulation phase to identify spatial, functional, adjacency, MEP/FP and specialized equipment requirements associated with this facility.

The investigators are engaged in leading edge imagery.  The core project resolves user requirements for vibration, sound and thermal control to very low tolerance and sub-nanometer vibration control (inclusive of substructure isolation blocks).  Each microscope pod includes en-suite dry and wet bench lab facilities.

Subsequently, TLBA was requested to undertake further implementation of the SHM IE Core Microscope Facilities, with design and fit-out of Suite E to accommodate two 4’ x 6’microscope set-ups supported on high-mass isolation blocks with air tables; one 4’ x 6’ set-up installed on a suspended floor slab and air table only; two small table-top set-ups; and student desk space to accommodate several workstations.  The Design Team also coordinated table gasses, building chilled water, line power, specialized lighting and overhead apparatus as required to support the microscope set-ups.

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