TLBA was commissioned by the City of Milford to provide design services for the adaptive reuse of two connected 19th-century barns to house a new Arts Center which will serve as the centerpiece of the Walnut Beach Arts District.  Through an intensive and all-inclusive public outreach effort, stakeholders with varying interests were involved throughout the process.  Ths outreach initiative resulted in overwhelming support for the project when it was presented at a City-wide forum.

Inspired by the connected barn vernacular of New England, the conceptual expanded the structure in multiple directions, utilizing time-honored traditional barn forms.  The design included 10,000 square feet of new construction to house multi-purpose spaces for visual and performing arts.  Wet and dry studios, teaching studios, sculpture space and a formal gallery will occupy the building, along with the Milford Fine Arts Council.  The old barns would remain essentially unchanged, and their naturally high quality acoustic properties will be taken advantage of for musical performances.  The volume of the larger barn lends itself to gallery space for large exhibits, without adversely affecting the barn structure.

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Milford, CT